Second to none, eh?

Here is baby number two at 20 weeks. The observant will notice that the name of the hospital has changed since the twelve week scan. You'll also notice that, unlike the Whittington scans, this one is in colour. I believe things got colourful for Dorothy once she arrived in Oz. We've lived through the whirlwind as we boxed our lives into half a container, and packed ourselves onto a plane. But now, here we are on the other side. In New Zealand… not exactly Oz, but more or less next door.


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Second to none

We have a second on the way. Here is the baby at 12 weeks, deftly bouncing back those ultrasonic waves. Due date May 5th 2009.

The Andrea Jensen, Sardinia, September 2008

Nicola and Ivy on the Andrea Jensen

Nicola, Ivy and I spent a week in Sardinia with Warwick, Jo and Lula. My camera didn't come out much apart from on our day aboard the Andrea Jensen: well worth considering if you find yourself at a loose end anywhere near Alghero, Sardinia. Photos on Flickr. Oh, and there are plenty more photos of the rest of the week (taken by Jo and Lula[!]) over on Baby Leicester.

A Weekend Away, August 2008

Ivy at Audley End

Nicola and I took Ivy up to Audley End (swans and flowers), Kirby Hall (where Ivy looks like she owns the place), a farm near Ambergate on which Nigel and Melitta were staying (free-range hens to feed, friendly horses to pat), Wimpole Home Farm (animals behind fences, or perspex), and finally Duxford Air Museum (close up with aircraft large and small). Photos on Flickr.

Ivy's First Birthday

Ivy's birthday cake

Today was Ivy's first birthday. The cake was a team effort. Granny [Marian] made a “deliciously moist cake with carrot, orange rind, sultanas and cultured buttermilk” (recipe). Grandma [Carol] rescued a garland of ivy from a neighbouring garden.

Thanks to everyone who came to help celebrate the occasion! As always, there are more photos on Flickr.

Wedding, May 2008


Nicola and I were married on 9 May 2008. Thanks to everyone who wished us well. There are photos on Flickr.

Soylent Green anyone?

Soylent Green anyone?

It was a proud day for me as Ivy enjoyed her Dad's cooking for the first time (i.e. the first time in many attempts). Am I finally getting the hang of this?


  • 4 x finely chopped slivers of red pepper
  • 1 x finely chopped spring onion
  • 3 x finely chopped plum tomatoes
  • 1 x finely chopped basil leaf
  • 3 x dessert spoons of Philadelphia soft cheese
  • 3 x dessert spoons of rice
  • 0 x Soylent Green

Cook rice as normal, add chopped vegetables, stir over low heat, gradually introducing Philadelphia. Serve. Silver spoon optional.

BTW To finish the day Nicola and I watched Soylent Green. RIP Charlton Heston. More pertinent now than in 1973?

Ivy laughing

Apparently, me crawling about on all fours is hilarious to a 200 day old baby.

Ivy's first holiday


Ivy's first holiday was up to Northumbria. A week beside Hadrian's Wall, returning via the Lake District. Joined the National Trust: a family membership of course. Lovely.

Photos here.

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